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Artist Statement

Light is my inspiration!


As a lighting artist I have always found every light phenomenon fascinating and beautiful.


The Optical Forest project explores the combination of light diffraction and light painting, using found urban light sources to create elegant, colorful, and enigmatic patterns.


My work captures and transforms the beauty of light sources through handmade filters and in camera effects, making each image a unique experience.


Growing up in Mexico, a country full of color in its folklore, would inspire Iveth Bueno to focus in the arts. Coming from a family of scientists and designers would motivate her to combine her interests with technology, resulting in a career in CG lighting and compositing for VFX and animation.


For over 8 years, she has worked in the animation industry for companies such as Disney, DreamWorks and Rainmaker. Working as a lighting artist for Zootopia, Trolls, Boss Baby and other movies.


In 2017, fascinated by diffracted lighting phenomena and beautifully designed urban lamps, Iveth Bueno decided to explore abstract photography with “The Optical Forest” project.


Her goal is to evoke an emotion in the viewer through color and form, by combining light physics, old special effects techniques and hand-crafted optical tools.


Currently living in Burbank, California; getting inspired everyday.

© Ka Yaw Tan - Headshot

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